Most people would agree a great breakfast deserves an excellent cup of coffee. Milktooth boasts not only a staff of talented and dedicated baristas, but also, Indianapolis’ first ModBar espresso machine. In partnership with La Marzocco, Fort Wayne based ModBar, has created an espresso machine that is truly the pinnacle of style and technology.

By placing almost all of the machinery underneath the counter, ModBar has created a no-barrier, espresso experience unlike any other. While most all espresso machines create a ‘curtain’ in which the barista is hidden behind, the ModBar opens up the ‘stage’ and invites patrons to witness and be a part of the hand crafting of every beverage.

The ModBar has been engineered and outfitted with every luxury an espresso machine can be afforded. It is equipped with features such as a digital interface and adjustable pressure profiling. This allows our baristas to have full creative control, bringing out flavors in the coffee that would otherwise be lost.

Milktooth is also Indianapolis’ premier multi-roaster coffee program. Just like a great bar would change the beers on tap, we are constantly searching for the best coffee beans from the best coffee roasters in the country. This commitment to the best roasted coffee, equipment and baristas is what makes every single cup special and unique. Whether its a Toddy cold brew, a crunch berry cappuccino, an authentic Vietnamese iced coffee, or one of our pour over options, your morning cup will be sure to please all the senses.