ancient grains porridge (10)

coconut milk, plum jam, hemp seed, pistachio

strawberry dutch baby pancake (13)

mascarpone cream, blue corn & thyme sbrisolona

lentil hummus & local mixed greens salad (12)

slow roasted sun choke, pickled fresno, caper, shallot, carrot, ricotta salata

roasted asparagus & hollandaise dutch baby (13)

sunflower seeds, hardboiled egg, shallots, greens

cranberry walnut & TP caerphilly cheddar grilled cheese (16)

black truffle honey, local sunny duck egg

bowl of spicy miso soup  (9)

soft tofu, beech mushrooms, serrano, pickled kombu

house pastrami cured salmon on house rye bialy  (14)

whipped cream cheese, fried capers, spinach

lamb steak burger melt on amelias pullman bun (14)

caramelized onions & peppers, swiss, horseradish cream, sunny egg






cottage cheese & oat silver dollar pancake  (5)

strawberry yogurt, roasted rhubarb, pepita dukkah

goats milk wanna cotta  (7)

strawberry roasted rhubarb, cheese & pepper tuile

fried chicken wings with coconut curry rice  (16)

cilantro, mint, radish, lime

 grilled treviso & crispy spiced chickpea salad  (10)

cottage cheese, peanut vinaigrette, olives, preserved meyer lemon, parsley 

marinated beans & beets tartine on semolina toast (14)

potato & almond skordalia, micro celery, olive oil

local mixed raw & fresh radishes with francese toast  (12)

english pea sauce, carrot caraway puree, maldon

grilled dry aged pork chop with soft scrambled eggs  (18)

squash blossoms, green garlic, charred shishito

eli creek spiced ham fried rice with slow poached egg  (14)

hakurei turnips, peas, ramps, beefsteak tomatoes, cucumber, cilantro, hoisin aioli

grilled Fischer farms ribeye with sunny egg (26)

espresso braised collards, mushroom cream, roasted brussels








fin de la baies oysters (CA) (3/each)

meyer lemon mignonette

everton cheese & sour cream biscuit (4)

spring pea & ramp butter, mint honey

purple sweet potato donuts  (6)

rhubarb lime conserve, matcha sugar

sorghum glazed bacon (5)

potato & celeriac latke (5)

ramp chimichurri, sour cream, quest cotija

speckled whole grain corn grits (4)

add egg, bacon, and scallions (+3)

grits & sausage danish (4)

speckled grits, duck pear sausage, maple soy redux

chocolate coffee cherry toffee cookie (3)

twice baked croissant (4)

hazelnut macookie sandwich (2.5)

lox danish (4)

potato, ramp & toma quffin (4)

cranberry black raspberry & candied kumquat scone (3) 

pecan sticky bun (4)

sage coconut caramel

strawberry kumquat pop tart (4)

rhubarb cream cheese danish (4)

passionfruit, cottage cheese, hibiscus






(we will accommodate allergies if possible)

*Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness